COP 31 Base Camp: A Pioneering Step for Climate Action in Australia and the Pacific

The COP 31 Base Camp marks a transformative approach to climate action, uniting over 200 delegates from various sectors to address global warming and promote climate resilience in Australia and the Pacific.
COP 31 Base Camp A Pioneering Step for Climate Action in Australia and the Pacific

The recent COP 31 Base Camp has set the stage for a transformative approach to climate challenges, particularly for Australia and the Pacific. This gathering, detailed in the comprehensive “COP 31 Base Camp Report,” marks a significant step in regional collaboration and inclusive dialogue, paving the way for impactful changes in climate policy and action.

On Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 200 representatives from community groups, businesses, financial bodies, and academic institutions came together to build awareness of the climate COP and to work collaboratively to define the opportunities that hosting COP 31 might deliver for Australia and the Pacific.

The dialogue centred on a proposed vision for COP 31, aimed at accelerating progress towards net-zero emissions, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, and prioritising the restoration of nature as well as the well-being and justice of all communities.

The Community Council for Australia’s CEO, David Crosbie emphasized that charities and not-for-profits play a vital role in reaching the heart of communities; this is crucial when it comes to responding effectively to climate change. Likewise, Imogen Butler–representative from The Climate Reality Project-Australia & Pacific underscored Australia’s unique opportunity: its co-hosting offer for COP 31 alongside Pacific Nations. She drew attention particularly towards one potential outcome—widespread yet impactful climate action.

The COP 31 Base Camp underscored the crucial contributions of First Nations and the Pacific diaspora. Lisa Cliff of Climate Action Network Australia and Dermot O’Gorman from WWF-Australia both emphasized the importance of inclusive approaches and leveraging Indigenous knowledge in crafting climate solutions. Vinita Chanan of UNSW and Tony Gourlay of Impact X echoed these sentiments, focusing on the need for credible, inclusive processes and collaboration across sectors.

A highlight of the event was the round table discussions, encompassing six focal topics: Indigenous Inclusion, Community-Led Resilience, Climate Finance and Investment, Industry, Nature Positive, and Beyond Fossil Fuels. These discussions were pivotal in identifying opportunities and challenges in each area. For instance, the Indigenous Inclusion round tables underlined the need for Indigenous-led climate conferences, while the Industry roundtable highlighted Australia’s potential in sustainable agriculture and clean energy innovation.

The round tables also tackled the complexities of climate finance, industry coordination, and the transition beyond fossil fuels. They highlighted the need for private sector involvement, upskilling initiatives, and the importance of First Nations and Indigenous peoples in these transitions.

The COP 31 Base Camp not only offered a multitude of insights but also laid down the groundwork for a blueprint of meaningful climate action tailored to the unique strengths and needs of Australia and the Pacific. The report serves not just as a collection of ideas but as a guiding document for future climate deliberations, ensuring a path to COP 31 marked by actionable commitments and sustainable visions. This event represents a crucial step in our journey towards a more resilient and climate-conscious future.

To download the full COP 31 Base Camp Report, click here.


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